Hotline: 479-629-0170
Friday Night August 19th - Organized Practice 6pm to 10pm - $20.00 - BIKES ONLY

Saturday August 20th -  Round 7 TQRA -

Sunday August 21st - Organized Practice 10am to 2pm. $20.00 per rider

Tuesday August 23rd - Organized Practice 6pm to 10pm. $20.00 per rider

Saturday August 27th- Rd 7 TQRA - Quad Racing
                                     Practice 10am to 2pm.
                                     Races at 4:15pm

Saturday August 27th - ASCS organized practice at 101 MX 10am to 2pm.
Round 4 Quad ASCS at 101 MX. - Cancelled, will be rescheduled to a later             
date due to the TQRA Reschedule.

Sunday August 28th - Round 4 Arkansas State Series at 101 MX

September 3rd - Rd 8 Saturday Night Thunder Series.